Depth First Maze Generator and Pathfinding



Note This project was created with Unity version 5.6.1f1


  • WASD - Move
  • R - Regenerate Maze

The program generates a maze that is 31×17 tiles wide. These numbers sound odd but really it’s just 32×18 with one row and column stripped off.

I do this because when generating the maze I have to jump up, down, left or right by 2 maze tiles and keeping odd amount of tiles allows me to have a border around the maze easily.

There’s going to be no falling out of the map on my watch.

Although I have implemented A* Pathfinding into this project, in order to educate myself further I also made Dijkstra pathfinding and Greedy Best First Search.


I wouldn’t recommend watching this entire video however this is some of my submission for the ‘Game Engine Programming’ module. The video documents the creation process of the maze generation aspect of this project. In the video I mention some downloads however I not going to include those links here as the links above are essentially the same thing.